Amanda Coleman

Special guest

For more than 20 years Amanada Coleman has worked on the inside with a range of police and civic leaders and helped them respond to some of the UK’s biggest crisis incidents and sustained reputational attacks.

Being in the room, day after day, taught her an enormous amount about leadership, about resilience, about character and the value of planning and testing so that communications are as effective as they can be when people and processes are put to the test.

In her book, Crisis Communication Strategies Amanda, brings together some of that knowledge and experience to provide a starting point for people developing or revising crisis communication plans.

Her work now is in bringing that experience into the boardroom and the communication team so that organisations can feel prepared to deal with and rebound from issues and incidents which threaten reputation.

Amanada has spoken about crisis communication at conferences across the world, as well as delivering guest lectures to PR students at universities including the London School of Economics.

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