Steph Bridgeman

Special guest

Steph Bridgeman, has been working in media evaluation for over 20 years. She heads up the measurement collective ‘Experienced Media Analysts’, a senior team of experienced content analysts.

Steph is an individual member of AMEC and calls herself an evangelist for PR measurement. She started her career at Metrica in the 90s (pre internet!), and was trained by industry heavyweights including Richard Bagnall and Paul Hender (both now at Carma).

Steph’s team specialism is media content analysis. They look for context and meaning in media articles, social media posts and conversations to help organisations codify and strategise.

Steph works with on-house teams and agencies evaluate their work as well as strengthen their measurement capabilities into their PR practice.

Steph Bridgeman has been a guest on 2 episodes.