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Stella Bayles, author, speaker and director of PR technologies 'CoverageBook' & 'AnswerThePublic', hosts this direct and straight-talking podcast on PR, marketing and communications.

In each episode, Stella explores an emerging topic in Public Relations and with the help of an expert dispels any myths and breaks down the jargon.

Summarised in plain language, this PR podcast is informative, often amusing and always under and hour, so you can be clued up before your next Zoom call.

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  • How Music Grows Brands

    March 6th, 2023  |  35 mins 3 secs
    brand partners, brand partnership, brand reputation, how music grows brands, label, music artist marketing, music marketing, music pr, music sponsorship, pr, public relations

    In this episode I delve into the power of music; how it shapes cultures, grows brands and can drive business.

    I’m interviewing two people who’s deep understanding of music & culture has led them to work on brand partnership deals that have built reputation and grow businesses.

    I’m joined by ex-Head of Global Music at Coca-Cola, Joe Belliotti and Rebecca Jolly who is a global business consultant focused on growing business through culture.

    Former MD at Mixmag and now MD at new generation media company Woo from ITV, Rebecca has extensive music media experience and has teamed up with music brand partnership expert Joe Belliotti on new book ‘How Music Grows Brands’.

    Its the first of its kind and is already an Amazon Best Seller, the book helps PR and marketing teams bring music into strategies and connect with audiences in a way that will drive business. It also helps all parties in the partnership navigate the modern music industry so artist, label, brand and media all benefit.

    Our interview covers; How having music as part of your brand strategy is measurable, the difference music can make to a brand’s reputation and and how to navigate shared objectives.

    Whether you’re in an agency, a brand team, label side or artist, I’m confident this episode will be hugely helpful!

  • Confidence in data: Behind the scenes at H+K Strategies

    February 23rd, 2023  |  40 mins 33 secs
    allison spray, amec, analytics, data, data team, evaluation, h&k, james crawford, pr measurement, pr metrics, pr tech, public relations, reporting, stella bayles

    This episode lifts the lid on data literacy in one of there world’s most well-known agencies; H&K Strategies.

    I interview global head of data and analytics - Allison Spray alongside PR Agency One MD James Crawford.

    James and I co-wrote two chapters in a recent PRCA paper; ‘Data literacy in PR’. We looked at how to use tech to build confidence and improve data use as well as a chapter on how to build a ‘data culture’ in your team. It was the latter chapter that Allison Spray’s team at H&K was noted as a great example of hiring in data expertise alongside training PR practitioners.

    In this interview, we go behind the scenes and get into the detail.

    I find out how Allison has increased confidence in data across all H&K teams

    We reveal the data team’s interesting recruitment process and the mix of skills and sector-specific backgrounds Allison looks for.

    Allison and James share how they work with clients to gain the data and tech they need upfront

    Allison also shares tips on how to get started, whether you’re a small team looking to up-skill or planning to to build a data team within an agency

    Since the H&K data and analytics team has developed and established the agency has won the most amount of awards ever in a year. Coincidence? or does increasing PR confidence in data work? I’ll let you decide…

  • Brands & fans in sport & entertainment in 2023

    December 12th, 2022  |  42 mins 33 secs
    amar singh, brand partners, brand sponsorship, content strategy, entertainment, mktg, pr, public relations, sport & entertainment, sports marketing, sports pr, sports sponsorship

    In this episode I interview Amar Singh, ex-Evening Standard journalist turned content and digital marketing expert in sport and entertainment. Former Head of global football content at Budweiser and Head of Content at West Ham United, Amar has helped grow audiences across multiple platforms by understanding fans and creating content strategies that resonate.

    Now at MKTG as Vice President of content and communications, Amar and his team are experts at understanding fans on a deeper level and on a large global scale.

    In our chat we explore the latest MKTG research ‘modern fan decoded’ and how a change in fan behaviour in the last few years has changed the sport and entertainment industry.

    We look at what fans are more receptive to brand engagement and why the younger generation are demanding more, not just in their experience but how they expect the brand to operate and do better in the world.

    This interview is full of wisdom and practical tips on collecting insight and behaviour measurement too.

    You can watch the video of this interview on YouTube:

    Follow Amar's sports marketing newsletter and on Twitter:

  • Getting the most from AMEC Measurement Month 2022

    November 4th, 2022  |  42 mins 30 secs
    amec, digital pr, evaluation, marketing measurement, measurement month, pr measurement, pr metrics, pr tech, public relations, reporting, stella bayles

    AMEC Measurement Month is a time for everyone in Public Relations to level-up their knowledge in evaluation and measurement of comms.

    Held in November its the perfect time to learn and refresh your approach ready for new KPIs in a new year.

    There are just over 4 weeks of events and content releases from AMEC (Association of Measurement & Evaluation) members and most are available for free to all.

    In this special episode of the PR Resolution Podcast I interview the Global Managing Director of AMEC; Johna Burke.

    • We share the best of the month and what not to miss!
    • Johna explores common PR measurement challenges you might be facing and directs you to the best resource to fix it
    • Johna shares the trends in measurement & highlights from AMEC award entries this year

    For the full calendar:

    For further help on measurement go to:

  • PR & the most controversial World Cup in history

    October 23rd, 2022  |  48 mins 52 secs
    brand partners, brand sponsorship, pr, public relations, reputation, sports marketing, sports pr, sports sponsorship, world cup

    At the time of publish, we are 3 weeks away from the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar. At this stage for past tournaments we’re at the height of World Cup hype, fans are excited about team selections, journalists are reporting from training camps and tabloids are on WAG watch.

    This year is very different. Nearly all lead-up stories have been negative; covering the human rights issues, corruption, timing and infrastructure problems.

    So what does this mean to the normal huge World Cup audience? How does this affect the associated brand sponsors? Are there the same news-jacking opportunities for non-official partners?

    I interview one the world’s leading experts in sports marketing and brand partnerships; Andy Sutherden to find out.

  • How one PR report is helping gain funding to connect Dads with soul

    August 24th, 2022  |  33 mins 13 secs
    charity funding, charity pr, dan flanagan, non profit pr, public relations, social impact metrics, social impact report, social measurement, stella bayles

    Stella Bayles interviews Dan Flanagan, founder of the growing community interest group 'Dad La Soul'.

    From humble beginnings of group of 14 dads getting together for a play date with their kids, ‘Dad La Soul’ is now a globally recognised Community Interest company that connects over 2.5k dads through art, tech and music events & in turn helps them beat loneliness, and live happy lives.

    Dad La Soul attributes a lot of its growth and success down to PR, and specifically their PR & social impact report that has become popular among funders, partner stakeholders and volunteers.

    In this podcast interview Dan shares;

    • How PR has helped build their network, attract new funding and sign up volunteers
    • Why Dad La Soul was recently namechecked in parliament
    • How proving social change from PR coverage for non profits and charities is essential
    • How a PR report can be adapted into a heavy-hitting social impact report

    This podcast is essential-listening for anyone working in-house at agencies specialising in charity, non-profit or community interest movements.

    Its has useful tips for anyone targeting parents, and its also definitely an episode for all the dads out there!

  • The PR powerhouse on every tech founders (& investors!) wish list

    July 8th, 2022  |  44 mins 49 secs

    In this episode I interview Donna Loughlin, she is the founder & owner of PR firm LMGPR and host of podcast ‘Before It Happened. 

    Having started journalism at just 10 years old; helping at a local newspaper network that her family managed, Donna progressed & became a global journalist for Reuters and the BBC.

    It was when she was reporting in the Valley during the .com boom that Donna swapped sides to PR and started to stories on behalf of tech start ups.

    Her experience of launching new tech to market, building founders and business reputation and eventually then taking them out through their initial public offering (IPO) gained the attention of the whole industry..

    At her busiest she did 5 IPOs back to back in a, in a six year period…
    You can see why Donna is on the wish list of most venture capitalists launch plans!

    As well as perfecting launch strategies, over the years Donna met and worked with some of the world’s greatest innovators which led her to her to create her podcast ‘before it happened’ where she gets behind the scenes of the creators and finds out what really led to their moment of problem solving through tech…

    This conversation is a fascinating timeline to our ever changing tech world and the importance of PR and storytelling those changes.

  • The creative comms formula that drives b2b sales

    March 10th, 2022  |  46 mins 3 secs
    b2b, brand, communications, creative, creative comms, pr, publication relations

    This episode explores the business success that occurs when two areas of marketing combine and work together really well.

    I interview Grace Keeling and James Beverage, co-founders of Made by Giants.

    Launching a B2B communications agency at the beginning of a pandemic may sound may sound like a tall order but for Made by Giants, it couldn’t of gone better.

    I find out how remote working restrictions and influences from James’ brand experience led to a very unique ‘investigative’ approach to insight and creative.

    Their indepth research and planning has resulted in comms strategies that are driving sales and growing their partners (not clients!) businesses.

    Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, there are ideation and hybrid-working lessons here for everyone.

  • Gary Preston, CoverageBook take 2!

    November 16th, 2021  |  43 mins 53 secs
    coveragebook, digital pr, gary preston, marketing measurement, pr measurement, pr metrics, pr tech, public relations, reporting, seo-pr, stella bayles

    The day this podcast publishes (Tuesday 16th November 2021) CoverageBook 2 will launch.

    So, in this episode I catch up with the original founder of our PR tech; Gary Preston to share the details with our listeners first!

    We start with our journey; our agency pasts, and the measurement and reporting experiences that led to the birth of CoverageBook.

    Gary shares his aims for the second version of the platform; making every PR practitioner ‘an accidental analyst’ and how he hopes confidence in measurement will return with credible metrics and simple reports.

    He talks about industry measurement as a whole and compares to his experience in digital marketing. And why some PR software claims of attribution and artificial intelligence
    Is having a negative effect on measurement learning and development.

    Yet with the right confidence, he believes by 2023 digital marketing teams will be coming to PR to learn how to showcase and measure their work in a credible way….

    Listen now to find out more ;)

  • How a PR infographic secured an NBA player a $64million deal

    November 3rd, 2021  |  52 mins 17 secs
    brian wallace, data visualisation, digital pr, infographics, pr measurement, public relations, seo-pr, stella bayles

    If you thought using infographics in PR activation had its day, think again. Brian and his team at Now Sourcing recently helped a NBA player secure a $64million deal by reshaping the way the US media thought about him, all through data visualisation.

    It doesn't end there; Now Sourcing only use infographics to secure coverage for their clients on the biggest US news sites every week and they drive awareness, SEO impact and big organisational impact.

    I ask Brian to share their secrets; how they win the attention of journalists, how they secure links and what metrics they use in reports that keep client stakeholders wanting more.

  • Meet the PR team increasing the influence of the UK's biggest lifestyle media

    July 1st, 2021  |  49 mins 42 secs
    effie kanyua, in-house pr, internal comms, pr measurement, pr metrics, stella bayles, strategy

    Media readership and influence is one of the most important elements of PR planning, but who is responsible for growing that influence?

    In this episode I interview Effie Kanyua, the Director of PR & Comms at publisher 'Hearst UK' which includes Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and Women’s health, media titles many of us sell-in to!

    I ask Effie about her journey from agency consumer comms to her in-house role at one of the world's largest publishers and the flip of objectives in helping to grow media, rather than target it.

    We discuss;

    • How media consumption has changed in the last year
    • How Hearst media titles have had to adapt & change business objectives
    • What it means to drive readership to media
    • The importance of internal comms right now
    • And how the Hearst UK PR team measures multi-media PR for a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Ethics & doing the right thing in PR

    May 18th, 2021  |  45 mins
    anthony hayes, diversity, equality, pr ethics, public affairs, public relations, stella bayles

    n this episode I interview Anthony Hayes, founder of the Hayes Initiative, based in NYC. We discuss his experience of upholding ethics in public affairs PR, where responsibility lies in mis-information in the media and why following your heart in communications is so important.

    Hayes Initiative, a certified LGBTQ-owned and operated public affairs firm, was recently recognized with an honorable mention at the 2021 PRWeek Awards for “Best in Public Affairs”. This was for their work with Time's Up, a charity that supports victims of sexual harassment, and specifically those involved in the Harvey Weinstein case.

    Anthony shares how PR professionals can bring crisis techniques into every strategy and how to ensure we, as an industry, are not known for fake-news or misinformation.

    This episode is for everyone in PR.

  • The truth about news site traffic

    April 6th, 2021  |  49 mins 26 secs
    analytics, andrew smith, earned media, news and media, pr measurement, pr metrics, stella bayles, the guardian, the telegraph, traffic data

    It has been an on-going challenge in Public Relations to understand the true volume of people arriving on news sites due to publishers' secrecy on traffic figures. There was further focus on this topic recently, when UK news site, The Guardian reported that The Telegraph online is planning to link journalists’ pay to traffic and popularity of their articles.

    So, in this episode, I interview digital communications consultant Andrew Smith on his research into publisher traffic.

    We discuss:
    -How readers arrive at news stories
    -Where the traffic comes from and how they interact on-site
    -Publisher traffic growth strategies
    -How the ‘pay for views’ model could work and the problems that could come with this
    -Traffic and data tools available to journalists and PR people

    No matter what country or industry you practise PR in, this episode is relevant to you all.

  • Who are you talking to?

    February 19th, 2021  |  44 mins 15 secs
    alex judd, analytics, audience insight, data, integrated comms, pr measurement, pr metrics, stella bayles, target audience

    Understanding your audience is the most important stage in developing PR strategy. It’s impossible to influence and change opinion without a full understanding of who you are talking to and how they feel.

    In this episode Stella interviews, Alex Judd. Alex is the head of Impact and Planning at Clarity PR. He's passionate about combining the art of communications with the science of research and data.

    Their conversation covers:
    The difference between researching B2B and B2C audiences
    How avoid looking for insight in an echo chamber
    How to get buy in from stakeholders
    How to get started in you’re an audience insight beginner

  • PR without borders

    January 18th, 2021  |  44 mins 47 secs
    agency strategy, brendon craigie, european pr, global pr, pr agency, pr without borders, remote work, stella bayles

    In this episode Stella interviews Brendon Craigie, the co-founder and managing partner of Tyto. A global PR agency that uniquely has a team working across multiple communications disciplines and international borders, without physical offices.

    Brendon shares his experience in setting up and running a completely remote global PR agency, not because of lockdown restrictions but because their ‘PR without borders’ strategy truly engages local markets and delivers the best possible results for clients. 

    As we start 2021 with most PR agencies around the world working with pandemic-led restrictions, Craigie shares Tyto’s challenges but also huge successes in serving their global clients with a team of professionals located in 12 countries. 

    From team practicalities to VR client meetings, this may just be the PR agency structure of the future.

  • Diversity in Public Relations

    November 9th, 2020  |  41 mins 25 secs
    blueprint, diversity, equality, futureproof, public relations, sarah hall, sarah waddington, stella bayles

    In this episode Stella interviews Sarah Waddington, founder and curator of the FuturePRoof book series and discusses the latest edition, 'celebrating BME talent'.

    As well as curating the FuturePRoof books, Sarah Waddington is managing director of Astute communications, an agency in the north of England. Sarah also led the CIPR's gender policy for many years, improved social mobility within the UK PR industry and is now on the advisory board of The Blueprint, which is part of BME PR Pro mentoring scheme.

    The discussion explores:

    • Diversity and representation in Public Relations
    • How organisations can attract, retain and nurture diverse talent
    • How PR can truly connect and relate to the public
    • Ethics in communications & how much responsibility lies with practitioners vs. media and social platforms