How Cultural Understanding & Rapid Media Response is Saving the World's Animals


September 28th, 2023

44 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

Bev Boyle, who is the Global Head of Media at World Animal Protection, plays a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around animal welfare on a global scale. She's at the forefront of crafting media campaigns that not only raise awareness but also inspire action.

In this episode of the PR Resolution Podcast, Stella and Bev discuss a current campaign that is making change; Bev shares how the ‘Stop TUI from profiting from dolphin cruelty’ emerged as an issue, how the content is reaching a wide audience and how the result of audience engagement is encouraging a major corporate to make change to their products.

Bev also shares how her global team works with media. How they have adapted processes to work with modern media change & their dedication to responding to animal news and journalists requests in less than 60minutes.

They cover the campaigns that have made the biggest impact and have helped save animals, the components and how the team measure them, especially when the biggest KPI is often changing international tourist trends.

Bev also shares her insight on the challenging financial climate for charities right now and how World Animal Protection are making efficiencies that all PR teams can take inspiration from.