A simple guide to attribution with russell mcathy


January 22nd, 2020

44 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode I step out of Public Relations and interview an expert in marketing measurement; Russell McAthy.

Russell has been helping businesses attribute success (often revenue) to various lines of marketing for years. Without his insight into customer behaviour, millions in marketing budgets are likely to have been misspent.

The term 'attribution' has come up a lot recently in PR recently so, I wanted to get back to basics. Russell and I cover what 'attribution' means, how PR fits into overall marketing evaluation and how you can talk about it to your stakeholders.

Russell also tells me about how an update to cookie data happening in February 2020, that is going to make a MASSIVE difference to PR and paid, and we all need to know about it!

Get ready to learn.