How one PR report is helping gain funding to connect Dads with soul


August 24th, 2022

33 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

Stella Bayles interviews Dan Flanagan, founder of the growing community interest group 'Dad La Soul'.

From humble beginnings of group of 14 dads getting together for a play date with their kids, ‘Dad La Soul’ is now a globally recognised Community Interest company that connects over 2.5k dads through art, tech and music events & in turn helps them beat loneliness, and live happy lives.

Dad La Soul attributes a lot of its growth and success down to PR, and specifically their PR & social impact report that has become popular among funders, partner stakeholders and volunteers.

In this podcast interview Dan shares;

  • How PR has helped build their network, attract new funding and sign up volunteers
  • Why Dad La Soul was recently namechecked in parliament
  • How proving social change from PR coverage for non profits and charities is essential
  • How a PR report can be adapted into a heavy-hitting social impact report

This podcast is essential-listening for anyone working in-house at agencies specialising in charity, non-profit or community interest movements.

Its has useful tips for anyone targeting parents, and its also definitely an episode for all the dads out there!

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