How to prove PR value in 2024


February 7th, 2024

47 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

In the 25 years Steph Bridgeman has been working PR measurement, the world, media consumption and data has changed. But at a time when technology and data is abundant, why are we hearing of PR budget cuts and team struggles with proof of outcomes?

In this fascinating podcast chat Steph and I explore why this is; from pivot table and design skills to senior management experience being involved, we delve into what PR measurement needs to be a success in 2024.

Steph Bridgeman is the founder of ‘Experienced Media Analysts’. As well as help many teams win PR measurement and AMEC awards, Steph helps arm agencies and in-house teams with outcome insights that help them prove value and retain and grow PR budgets.

As well as win the awards Steph is also on the board of AMEC (association of measurement and evaluation of communications) so its safe to say, she in totally immersed and in the know on measurement!

She shares her opinion on where we’re at as an industry, but also gets practical on what we can do to improve processes, including;

Providing clear examples of what outputs and outcomes are and the difference between metrics

Exploring the word ‘Impact’ and what should and shouldn’t be included as a metric there

Steph shares how teams should review technology and how to cut out what’s not needed

And finally how to find hidden gems of skills around your organisation that can help analyse and visualise results.