Why FMCG PR needs to be amazon-ready


April 24th, 2020

37 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

Since the world went into lockdown, millions have turned to Amazon. The online retailer is due to release sales and profit figures on 30 April, however analysts have already forecast a sales increase of at least 22%.

It’s been predicted that during the pandemic Amazon has experienced sales of $10,000 every second, day and night!! wow.

Just before the pandemic was announced, I met Jim Hawker, co-founder of agency PR & marketing agency, Threepipe to find out about a new growth area for them; Amazon optimisation.

It’s not a common skill-hire or PR service we talk about in the industry so I was keen to hear more.

In this podcast interview Jim explains why
Threepipe built a whole department just to focus on Amazon activity for their clients

  • How their PR tactics adapt in an Amazon strategy
  • Why Amazon is the new Google for FMCG brands
  • Where brand reputation comes into play in a new way
  • Why being bold IN TRYING new techniques doesn’t just build your clients business it can build an agency too

This podcast was recorded just before COVID-19 hit in the UK and US, yet the insights Jim shares couldn’t be more relevant right now.