How a PR team helped evacuate 54 Ukrainian orphans to the UK


May 4th, 2023

43 mins 35 secs

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As a rule I don’t discuss PR agency’s values on the show. They are for staff and should stay on slides or post-its. But when I heard this story of how one ‘agency value’ resulted in a team helping to evacuate 54 orphans from Ukraine, I broke that rule and dedicated a whole episode to it!

I interview David Fraser, the Founder & Managing Director of Ready10, who are a consumer agency, best known for creative digital PR for the likes of McDonald’s, Paddy Power, Flora and Brewdog. However it's the launch of their for-good arm ‘Ready to Help’ that we cover and specifically their (no-fee) project with Save a Child and Magen David Adom, that saw them helping to evacuate a group of children from Ukraine.

David shares the full account of how one phone call turned into the most complex but rewarding project the agency had worked on

How the whole team (with other clients understanding) pulled together to help Save a Child and Magen David Adom 

How David’s past crisis management experience came into play

And importantly whether it was a success and how the children are now

David also reveals how the agency survived COVID, didn’t accept UK government furlough grants, paid bonuses and managed to carry out this amazing project on zero budget.

This story is an inspiration.